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Our website is under active development. We are proud to say this service will be coming soon! Until then,

Our Mission

We all want to travel. The cost of travel can make us feel limited. But what if you used the resources that are often overlooked – your own connections? Just as we use social media websites for business networking and keeping up with long distance family members or college buddies we do not get to see on a regular basis, why not use your connections to lower the cost of travel accommodations?

Too often we visit a city, post pictures of our trip, and later get a message from our friend or family member, “You were in town, and didn’t stay with me?” Other times, your loved one says, “I can’t believe I didn’t know you were in town?”

We lead busy lives. Travel is not always for pleasure. But, with Six Degrees Travel, you can login to your profile, and pull up your map with customized pinned locations of all of your connections. Next time you plan on a business trip, spring break getaway, or bucket list destination, check your map. Use the connections that you have, or your connections’ connections, to get where you need to go. Our website will provide the platform for you and your associates, friends, and family to find free, and low cost alternatives to couch surfing. If you are lucky, your connection might have a vacant cabin, entire room, or house for you to relax and be welcomed. With Six Degrees Travel, you can make travel more affordable and connect with the ones you know while away from home.

Travel more. Travel smart, and dream big.